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This web site is dedicated to the comic strip created by William Donahey in 1914, which appeared in the Chicago Tribune (and several other papers) until the author's retirement and death in 1970.  I met and fell in love with the little people, only two inches high, in 1955, and began collecting them in 1965.  I have written several essays about the Teenie Weenies which I share with like-minded friends - now I'm going public with my 45-year-plus love affair.

    Here are some of the things you will find on my web-site

1.  The History of the Teenie Weenies

2.  Meet the Teenie Weenies

3.  Books about the Teenie Weenies

4.  More information about William Donahey

5.  A sample of the Teenie Weenies

6.  Information about me

7.  My Toys

8.  "Fables" (warning: adult language)

9.  Pride High

9.  Links to other sites

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