While my wife was in the hospital (November, 2004) with cellulitis and complications, I had "nothing" better to do with my time than put together a paper doll of Snow White, with all the outfits she wore in Fables 1-10. I fit them on one page, but when printed they are awfully small, so I rearranged them onto two pages. Here they are, for your viewing enjoyment and personal use only!

I used HeroMachine, a fantasy role-playing aid available at www.heromachine.com, to create the base doll and outfits. I then had to do some custom work to make them look right.

That I use the term "dolls", and that this shows what she wore 1-10, does not constitute a promise to do any others.

Click on an image to see the full-sized version.

And here's another, for no good reason that I can see. If you need a bigger army, print more paper dolls!

Each page contains a disclaimer, but this one might as well, too. Fables and the depictions of characters therefrom are copyright(c) Bill Willingham, and are used here without permission, but without intention to infringe. These images are copyright 2004 by John Taylor; unauthorized use and reproduction without permission is forbidden!

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